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ISIS Papyrus. More than a Company

The ISIS Papyrus Group is a unique expert player in enterprise software – we enable business applications for digital transformation, operational enhancement and customer engagement. More than 350 employees worldwide deliver on the tradition of excellence in meeting customer requirements based on insight into customer-to-employee, employee-to-content and content-to-process relationships.
In 2018 the privately held ISIS Papyrus Group celebrated 30 years of customer-oriented software innovation, continuing profitability above industry average, with substantial cash reserves and typical annual growth of 5-10 percent. The new Papyrus Software Park near Vienna/Austria is the operational European Headquarter. ISIS Papyrus today has 16 corporate offices on 3 continents, including the American Headquarters in Dallas-Fort Worth and the Asia-Pacific Headquarters in Singapore.

ISIS Papyrus has a strong footprint in Europe with four development centers (Austria, Germany, Italy, Spain) and international presence with 3 global Support Centers (Austria, Dallas/TX, Singapore) and corporate offices with sales, consultancy and implementation services in every major country (Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Nordics/Denmark, UK, America, Switzerland, Austria, Singapore, Taiwan)

Product Showcase

Simplified Integration, Interoperability & Connectivity

Simplified Integration, Interoperability & Connectivity

Papyrus solutions interface with any business system, as well as back-office users, by leveraging Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) to flexibly integrate via loose coupling and configuration without without hard-coded interfaces.

Any system, application or database that supports at least one of the most common interfaces and protocols provided by a range of Papyrus SOA Adapters and Type Managers can be simply and easily integrated to ensure complete interoperability and connectivity.
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