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ZL Technologies is privately held and controlled, providing us the freedom to focus on the long-term corporate goals and the flexibility to make prudent decisions for our customers. ZL’s long-term outlook has culminated in a clear differentiation in product quality, a point consistently echoed by our customers. With reliable products and services, talented people, and constant collaboration between partners and customers, we have created a profitable and sustainable business model; one that is taking ZL in imaginative new directions.

ZL has proven itself as the specialized provider of electronic content archiving software for the most demanding large enterprise environments. Built upon the industry’s most scalable platform, ZL offers today’s leading organizations the ability to comprehensively manage the entirety of their digital assets. To accomplish this challenge, ZL engineered a number of complex technologies into one seamless solution in order to manage billions of documents from a consolidated point of control. Today, the award-winning ZL Unified Archive® addresses analytics, eDiscovery, compliance, records management, file analysis and storage optimization, continuously providing next-step big data governance solutions to all its customers.